Estate Planning

What's a better way to prepare for and provide for your family's future then creating a will? Without a will, the State of Florida will distribute your estate in accordance with its governing statutes or laws. This leaves you with no say over how much or even which family members receive all that you leave. This could in turn leave your family members fighting over your estate in court.

The Tate Firm offers a great and affordable estate planning package that includes a will, an advanced directive aka "living will" and a durable power of attorney.

Your Will is a very important document that sets forth how certain things will be handled for you after your death. This includes distribution of your estate, appointment of executors, appointment of guardians and in some cases it can even include setting up a trust for children under a certain age.

Your Advanced Directive, sometimes called a "living will", is a document that simply gives direction to a physician as to your wishes on being kept alive artificially or not should you become permanently and totally incapacitated.

Your Power of Attorney designates an agent, or person, to make decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated in a tempoary nature. These may include decisions in regards to your property, medical and financial affairs to name a few. This is durable, meaning that it will remain in effect indefinitely—either until you die, or until you recover sufficiently enough to retake control over your decisions.

Our firm's attorneys have years of experience in drafting the documents needed for you to provide your family a secure future should anything happen to you.  When you are ready to prepare for the future of yourself and your loved ones, please give The Tate Firm a call at (407) 205-6100 or fill out our contact form. We will tailor these douments to your specific needs and requests to ensure that your entire estate will be distributed to your wishes.