Tate Law Firm

Entertainment & Media

Our entertainment team focuses on the music, motion picture, television, sports, Internet, digital media, publishing and theatre industries. We provide clients with the business-oriented and dedicated legal advice needed to thrive in today’s multi-disciplined, multimedia entertainment marketplace.

Areas of Concentration

Music. The firm helps to shape and maintain the careers of recording artists, producers, record and publishing companies and executives, managers, production companies, publishers and songwriters in the music sector. Our team drafts and negotiates record, publishing, producer, management, distribution, touring, merchandising, corporate sponsorship, licensing and Internet agreements. We consult with artists as well as record and publishing companies regarding their financing, entertainment and Internet strategies and the protection of their intellectual property rights.

Motion Pictures and Television. We provide legal advice to actors, writers, directors, producers, managers, agents, production, financing and distribution companies, networks and studios in the film, television, cable and interactive media sectors. From drafting and negotiating performer, writer and producer agreements as well as television and film financing and distribution agreements to complex financing and revenue-sharing cross-discipline license agreements, our entertainment lawyers cover virtually every aspect of the business. We are especially proud of our commitment to the representation of many independent filmmakers, producers and directors — assisting these companies and individuals as they transition from smaller entities to major players.

Media and Cable. Our lawyers have wide-ranging experience in the media and cable television industries and provide services to national cable networks as well as regional carriers and affiliates. Our experience in this area spans an array of issues including radio station, cable network and broadcast station acquisitions and financings; broadcast network, cable and other television distribution affiliate agreements; and all phases of creation, operation and financing of media businesses and Internet-based entertainment ventures.

Branded Entertainment. Our branded media practice focuses on the growing use of advertising and sponsor-funded productions to integrate brands into productions. This part of our practice brings together brand managers and marketing and promotions executives with talent and creative decision makers at the studio level to collaborate in creating television and film properties, as well as endorsement and sponsorship opportunities.

Sports Entertainment. Our sports clients are business people with many diverse investments and opportunities in which we help them protect their interests. A number of the lawyers in our Sports Entertainment Group are sports agents and former professional players. They utilize this background in their negotiations. Others are experienced in negotiating complex financing and acquisition transactions across the sports spectrum. Our clients are diverse and include well known athletes, sports networks, professional sports announcers, Internet sports media companies, sports team managers and professional sports leagues and associations.

Publishing. Our lawyers have many years of experience representing clients in both traditional print and online/new media publishing. We can put together the right team of GT lawyers to help our publishing clients with virtually any legal need that may arise, from corporate transactions and contractual matters to dispute resolution to ongoing advice on day-to-day operations.

Theatre. Our lawyers are experienced in the negotiation of financing, talent and rights agreements in the area of legitimate theatre. Our clients include creative talent, owners of underlying rights (such as literary estate renewal), motion picture studios and theatrical production companies.