With attorneys experienced in litigation and transactional matters, The Tate Firm attorneys serve a broad spectrum of clients on a state, regional and national basis.

Since its inception, our firm has been guided by core values of innovation, client service, integrity, and excellence in practice. Our firm has strategically grown in breadth, depth, and strength of legal services offered, and its geographical reach in response to an ever-expanding client base and scope of legal needs.

Successful legal engagements require mutual respect, a shared understanding of expectations, and a steadfast commitment to achieving the goal. Our commitment to excellence in client service includes investing the time to listen to our clients and thoroughly understand not just their legal issues, but also their organizational structure and business goals. This, in turn, allows us to provide better counsel and offer our clients practical insight in matters that may affect their business.

As The Tate Firm has evolved, one thing remains consistent---we are a dynamic law firm that adapts to change and continues to look towards the future as both entrepreneurial owners of our firm and trusted advisors to our clients. We remain dedicated to maintaining a focus on meeting our clients' legal needs and delivering the superior service they expect.

Our Attorneys

Our clients have told us that they, as decision makers, want to work with attorneys they respect and trust. They want to work with attorneys who not only look at the legal issues involved, but also look at how those matters affect their overall business. Our clients say that companies look for ethical counselors who possess a strong knowledge of the law and a convincing courtroom presence when handling litigation. When a transactional matter is on the table, they expect their attorneys to have the inquisitive and analytical skills needed to "look beyond the obvious." These traits form the core of our approach to the practice of law.

Our attorneys know that maintaining the credibility of an organization and its executives is a key concern that all management faces. We work side-by-side with our clients to address the issues and concerns they face, as if they were our own.

Whether a matter involves negotiating a complex multi-state transaction, litigating a multimillion dollar non-compete agreement, representing clients before the Florida Legislature, or handling a sensitive personal matter, our attorneys have the insight, experience, credibility, and resources to effectively and efficiently work with clients. Learning from the past and envisioning possibilities allows us to provide focused services to our clients as we partner with them to build the future.


Whether in the courtroom, the boardroom or community settings, our attorneys are leaders by example and actively contribute to the advancement of their profession and their communities.

Our attorneys hold leadership positions in many professional, business, and community organizations. As a result of our firm's involvement in these associations, our attorneys educate others and learn about pending legal issues and industry trends. Many of our attorneys are recognized leading authorities in various areas of law.

A number of our attorneys are able to contribute their unique experience and insight from former government, legal, and business positions they have held. Our strong internal network and team approach encourages the facilitation of both tangible resources and intellectual capital to help our clients achieve success.

Our attorneys have served as national, regional, and local counsel for a variety of clients. Many of our attorneys have first chair trial experience, have managed large portfolios of complex claims information, and have handled high exposure cases.

Our Culture

Whether clients' needs are based on subject matter, industry experience, or geography, our policy is to staff legal matters as efficiently and effectively as possible to best serve each one's legal needs. Our internal structures and resources are designed to support this approach.

The firm fosters a culture of teamwork and collegiality. There is an energy present throughout our offices that encourages people to work hard and take ownership of their contributions. We recognize that the knowledge and diversity of each person, at every level, collectively contributes to the achievements of our team. This approach significantly enhances our ability to provide the best possible service for our clients and communities.

We actively hire intelligent, talented, and motivated individuals. We look for 'good people' - people who genuinely embrace collegiality, demonstrate a high level of integrity, and value the importance of developing strong relationships within the firm and with clients.

We treat our clients as we treat our colleagues - showing respect, a team-focused attitude, and a genuine desire to assist them achieve success. Our attorneys create strong relationships with clients and become extensions of their management teams as trusted advisors.

We value our culture, the people who foster it, and our ability to translate those traits into our client relationships.